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A refurbishment and two-storey extension to a Victorian house in Portobello. Located on a corner site the original single-storey dwelling was afforded some very well-proportioned rooms however the main kitchen and dining areas were relatively less spacious and had little relationship to any external space.  The clients wished for the house to be extended to accommodate a new kitchen, living and dining area as well as additional bedrooms. The house has been reconfigured to allow the new kitchen, living and dining to open up to an external courtyard while the original well-proportioned rooms have been retained. As the house is located on a corner the original plan was quite deep, in that, little sunlight reached certain areas of the house. To overcome this in the new arrangement a rooflight has been located over both the bathroom and the stairwell to afford direct sunlight to these areas, while a rooflight located over the kitchen counter allows morning light enter this area of the house directly.  Two additional bedrooms and an en-suite were accommodated at first floor level.                                Photographs (C) Aisling McCoy 2021                                                                                        


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